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Benefits of Coated Veneer panels:

  • Appearance
    Whatever the purpose of your panels its likely they will be in full view and serve as a visual statement as well as being functional.
    We want all our panels to be as attractive as possible so recommend custom coating to really make them “pop”.
    The primary benefit of wood veneer panels is that we can put a glossy coat on top of each panel, making it look more attractive.


  • Durability
    A veneer, in addition to being more attractive, also acts as a kind of shield. It protects the actual panel substrate beneath it from the effects of sun, impacts, spills, staining, and other unfortunate events. If a veneer gets too damaged, it’s also possible to replace it, thus making your panel look good as new.


  • Strength
    Wood veneers also add strength. It’s one more layer, which provides additional support to the overall substrate panel. Veneers help the panel to resist warping, bending, and other effects of time.These are, of course, only a few benefits of wood veneers. For more information about our full range of veneers simply contact us at Plyman.

We are able to customise every panel to suit your needs. Both veneer and plywood panels can be custom coated. POA

Give your MDF or Plywood panels the authentic look of real wood with Veneer. We apply a thin layer of real wood which is bonded to the substrate to give a higher-quality appearance used commonly in the marine industry.


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