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Natural Timber Veneer by Botica Veneer

We have a wide selection of natural wood veneers.  Natural Timber Veneer brings a warmth to an environment that only timber can do.

As you view our wide range of specie & colour variations please be aware that you can experience pattern and colour variants within a batch run. In some cases this can be highly desirable. For some designs, however, you may want to minimise any colour variation.

All aspects of natural timber veneer characteristics need to be taken into account during the initial concept stages.

Timber species, grain, cut and finish can all affect the end result. Make sure to identify and communicate your colour expectations with your supplier, builder, architect and/or client. We can help you make decisions early to ensure you get the finish you expect.

Contact us for more information or to view samples. We also can supply solid timber through Timberman.


The following product images of these veneers are indicative only. Veneer is a natural product and so its appearance, in terms of colour, pattern and grain may vary considerably from log to log and batch to batch. Images of natural timber veneer samples do not properly represent the appearance of a full size panel. Please note that images may appear different in colour and tone on different computers.