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Our Story

Plyman – A New Zealand Company
Humble beginnings

Like most NZ companies we started off small. In 1994, we began as a subsidiary of Gibson Veneer Panels (GVP) servicing the retail DIY market in Auckland. Following Peter Gibson’s (founder of GVP) departure from the business, the industry experienced a turbulent time as the boat building sector went into decline and construction was also struggling. These market pressures ultimately proved too much for GVP who had to close its doors.

In 2014, Matthew Botica believed Gibson’s vision was worth preserving and along with Tui Saumalu (Plyman’s Sales Manager), he took the helm of the operation and re-positioned the business.

With a clear focus on making “hard to find” products accessible to the general public and the goal of being the “one stop panel shop”, Plyman was born and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Building a better NZ

Matthew, initially came from a timber manufacturing background and saw the opportunity to offer a similar service within the solid timber retail market. In 2016, he started up Timberman using the same philosophy by offering “hard to find” finished timber products to the general public at affordable prices.

Today, both Plyman & Timberman stand as testament to his vision to bring specialist products at fair prices to the market.

By keeping overheads to a minimum, stocking high quality product and delivering great service, demand has increased so much so that expansion across the country is a real possibility in the near future.

Our market offering

At Plyman, we stock NZ’s most extensive range of plywood panels.
From the highest quality marine grade hardwoods, furniture grade, structural building grade, general purpose ply to interior grades and economy grades. Every possible panel type can be found here to complete your project.

Most of all its about providing a great product experience and excellent service.
Our customers are our business and invite you to come in-store and discuss your needs, no matter how big or small.
We will advise you of the most suitable panel for your application and then select and cut the panel to size if required.

Welcome to Plyman – Building a better NZ